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About Us

About Us

As We Know there is a disease ,there is a cure & this is all possible because of God’s Care. We are not talking about our Company “GOD’s Care” its about the GOD who is up there to take care of all of us.

Life and diseases go together where there is life, diseases are bound to exist. Dependency and sustainability of man and animal life has been revolving around plants, for their uses as food, fibers and shelter, but also plants have been used to control and ease diseases,therefore, the use of plants as medicines is an ancient and reliable practice.

Ancient plants are still in use today.These plants attracted the interest botanists, biochemists and
pharmacogno-sist (natural drug specialists). They are all interested to find out the health benefits and the
health promoting effects of these plants and the nature of the active principals they possess. Infectious
diseases are a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Synthetic drugs are not only expensive and inadequate for the treatment of diseases but are also often with adulterations and side effects.

Cure of diseases through medicinal plants is always a salient .It is concluded that herbal medicines are
being widely used in the world because of better cultural accept ability, least injurious with none or much reduced side effects.


Customer Reviews

Sam (United Kingdom)

 I feel that this Shilajit is quite possibly the best stuff on Earth! I am taking Shilajit regularly  Initially I noticed a huge increase in in my energy levels and a decrease in my mood swings. Although I am no expert on the the history and benefits of shilajit I can say that in the month or so that I have tried it, I have noticed I have more endurance and energy and Stamina. With each passing week I have also felt a subtle sense of well-being, both physically and emotionally.

Tushar (Maharashtra)

I have been taking shilajit from last 1 months and found myself in a real energetic mood and I’ve had a remarkable experience thus far. Immediately I experienced tremendous energy, with a need to move my body, finding hiking trails I had never ventured on and running up hills I would have leisurely strolled up in the past. I’m in a great mood all the time and my mind doesn’t go to dark thoughts. Shilajit has changed my life for the better!”

Shahid Khan (Dubai)

The packaging of the product is good. The product is original. I love the quality of Shilajit. Have been using this product regularly for over a month now, and can say that it has helped me in many ways. The quality is amazing!!


100% Pure ,Natural & Authentic herbs derived from

Natural resources throughout the world


Eco-friendly, Organic and no harmful chemical


Herbal, Natural, Authentic and Organic


Derived from

Natural resources

100% Pure, Natural & Authentic herbs

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Contact Us

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God's Care Herbals
L1 / 806, Brahma Suncity, Wadgaon Sheri, Pune - 411014
Maharashtra, India

Tel: +91 7786 888 444


God's Care Herbals Ltd
Flat 2, Hill Crest House, Main Street, Upton WF9 1EH
West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 7951 323 216


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